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California Infill Parcel Locator — www.infill.org

During the next few decades, California will likely grow at a rate of four to five million new residents every ten years. If this amount of continuous population growth is to be accommodated without irretrievably harming the state's unique ecosystems and natural resources, a good deal of it must occur within existing urban and suburban areas. Put simply, California must become more friendly to infill housing.

Exactly where are California's infill housing and development opportunities? A new website is now available (and is currently being updated for January 2007) to help developers, city officials, local planners, nonprofit organizations and neighborhood groups identify potential vacant and underutilized parcels throughout California. Use of the site is FREE. The site provides a map-based data browser that allows users to choose from a set of criteria — size, proximity to amenities, etc. — to locate potential vacant and refill sites for development by city or zip code. The results can be produced as charts and maps. It also enables users to download specific parcel-based information by county. To view the site, go to www.infill.org.

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The Terner Prize is being inaugurated to commemorate Don Terner on the tenth anniversary of his death. It will be awarded biennally to the affordable housing project and leadership team that best exemplifies the spirit of Don Terner's work and commitment to affordable housing.

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