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This area builds on ongoing research in the MacArthur Foundation-funded Building Successful Regions research network. We focused on the impacts of globalization and restructuring on local communities, the links between workforce and economic development, the suburbanization of poverty, and the ability of community-based organizations to innovate in problem-solving.


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East Bay Green Corridor Partnership

CCI’s role in the partnership was to provide research and technical assistance, including defining and measuring the green economy; analyzing location preferences of green industry; identifying opportunities for green workforce development; and raising money for further research. CCI received a $200,000 grant from the Economic Development Administration to study innovation in the green economy in California regions, with a special focus on the East Bay.
Funded by the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment and the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, CCI held a symposium that brought together key stakeholders from the many Bay Area cities that were trying to decide how much of their industrial land supply to convert to residential and commercial uses. Key academic and professional planning experts discussed the nature of industrial land demand in the 21st century economy, the emerging arrangement of land uses in California's mega-regions, green industry and building issues, Bay Area battles – past and present – over industrial land, and trends in residential development.