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Environmental Justice and Transit Planning
Transit-oriented development (TOD) could house as many as half of the region's new households between now and 2030, and there are already at least 75 TOD planning processes completed or underway in the region. However, once built, these station areas are likely to experience rapid increases in housing prices. Though many Bay Area agencies and organizations are working to ensure that there will be affordable housing in these TODs, there is still potential that existing residents will be displaced. Working with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), we are studying patterns of displacement in the region. By examining the characteristics of neighborhoods near transit stations that experienced displacement of lower income people in the past, we will be able to predict which ones will be most vulnerable in the years to come. Once these areas are identified, ABAG and other local stakeholders can target interventions in a manner that ensures that those who most need public transit can continue to live nearby in the future.








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