About the Prize

The Terner Prize recognizes successful and innovative affordable housing projects and their leadership teams. The purpose is to spread Terner’s vision and principles to the planning, design and development professions as well as to public officials, community representatives, housing activists, and government and private funders by identifying best practices in the field.

The Terner Prize was inaugurated to commemorate Don Terner on the tenth anniversary of his death. The prize is awarded to the affordable housing project and leadership team that best exemplifies the spirit of Don Terner’s work, commitment to affordable housing.

One winner is chosen to receive the First Prize Award of $25,000. Five finalist teams are awarded leadership stipends of $5,000 so that they may “light the light” for the next generation of leaders in the affordable housing industry by participating in conferences, seminars, or colloquia.

A jury to select the finalists and winning team is comprised of people from the fields of planning, architecture, development, finance, government, academia and media. They are chosen for their demonstrated integrity, expertise and commitment to the guiding principals of the Terner Prize.

The Terner Prize is administered by the Center for Community Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley, in affiliation with the Institute of Urban and Regional Development.

Affordable housing can provide a high quality living environment.

Don Terner giving a speech