Current Work at the CCI

Equitable Development Data Insight Training

The Equitable Development Data Insight Training (EDDIT) Initiative is a free, in-depth data analysis and storytelling training program for organizations working towards urban equitable development. The EDDIT program helps cities and organizations in the US and Canada leverage their data to better evaluate and communicate the impacts of their work


Urban Displacement Project

The Urban Displacement Project aims to understand the nature of gentrification, and displacement, and exclusion in American cities. It focuses on creating tools to help communities identify the pressures surrounding them and take more effective action.

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California ADU

This project aims to evaluate local ADU ordinances, identify ADU best practices, determine which jurisdictions in California are effectively spurring ADU production, and explore opportunities to foster more ADU construction statewide. The California ADU website compiles the results of our multi-year ADU research efforts.

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