About Us

Our Mission

The Center for Community Innovation’s (CCI) mission is to nurture effective solutions that expand economic opportunity, diversify housing options, and strengthen connection to place. CCI works toward more equitable, resilient futures for communities. We conduct community-engaged research to understand the problems and identify solutions around pressing housing, land use, and urban sustainability issues. The Center houses our three major projects: Equitable Development Data Insight Training (EDDIT)The Urban Displacement Project (UDP), and the California ADU project.

CCI Staff in 2016 - now employed at San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, UCB Othering & Belonging Institute, University of Nebraska, Bay Area Housing Finance Authority, Ground Works Consulting, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing, and other leading institutions.

CCI Alumni Staff

Renee Roy Elias
Miriam Zuk
Anna Cash

CCI Alumni Students

Alex Ramiller
Isaac Schmidt
Molly Harris
Clay Kerchof
Laura Schmahmann
Maile Munro
Tera Johnson
Emery Reifsnyder
Brandon Yung
Dori Ganetsos
Emmanuel Lopez
Rachel Schten